Photolucida reviewers who review

2019 Reviewers

The C4E directory has more to offer. The burgeoning portfolio review scene draws upon this need. The Reviews sessions take place in the Benson Hotel, which is located in downtown Portland.

photolucida reviewers who review

I have always thought the best use of my marketing dollars has been spent on attending a portfolio review. As the Photolucida website states: By promoting in-depth, informed, and supportive dialog between photographers, gallery owners, publishers and pundits of various sorts, Photolucida promotes the culture of photography. Wednesday, September 26, 2018. Tell me a bit about this. It offers more opportunity for sharing work and networking, and a variety of local reviewers offer up their time and insights to interested photographers.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. An intensive five-day portfolio review lies at the heart of the festival.

photolucida reviewers who review

I have been thinking a lot about the photographer Robert Adams lately, and this specific quote by him:. In your mind, why are portfolio reviews important, and how do you see them benefiting photographers as well as reviewers?

Portfolio Reviews

Lydia Panas: Portfolio reviews also involve a layer of networking between photographers that is very neat to see — people share work, trade prints, and are excited to meet each other after only knowing of one other online.

Bootsy Holler: Most Popular Last Seven Days 1. You will be able to view your reviewer assignments online, before you arrive in Portland. Discover 36 remarkable photographers weaving compelling narratives with photographs and words, ranging from documentary and imaginative storytelling to fiction.

What excites you about tackling such a range of different subject matter? Now, more than ever, different cultures need to be sharing different visual realities with each other. I have also been interested in and written about bodies of work that came from people living in or documenting alternative or non-traditional communities—this interest comes from my personal childhood, and in a larger sense wanting to feed my past education in cultural anthropology.

The 2019 Kiss Exhibition, Part 2 February 14th, 2019. Sal Taylor Kydd: The main reviews take place upstairs in a larger ballroom where photographers have the opportunity to meet with a variety of movers and shakers in the photo world: Almost no information is wasted.

During my reviews, I received invaluable feedback about my work from an array of prominent photography curators and gallery owners, including Susan Spiritus of Susan Spiritus Gallery , Jason Landry of Panopticon Gallery and Harris Fogel of Sol Mednick Gallery and Gallery 1401 , just to mention a few.

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photolucida reviewers who review

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