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Like it or not if you buy a new vehicle you are using more of the earths resources, not less, you should have a think about that next time you moan about old 4x4s. I live 30 minutes from the city that I work in and was commuting with an 87 Jeep YJ with a 5L V8 that has a 7inch lift and 36 inch tires.

How foolish! In my neighbourhood I've seen only one all winter. A motorcycle stunt goes awry, an elephant decides it doesn't want a particular man walking behind it, and Daniel sits down with Canada's top mullet-sporting daredevil. The only unibody rig I can think of that is even remotely popular in the offroad community is the Jeep XJ Cherokee and there are a host of aftermarket goodies to strength its weak unibody.

Your death will be due to the other driver's vanity. You know nothing about solid axles and the extra weight involved in an air ride suspension. By the mid '80s, unibody cars started showing up in numbers. And by folks, I don't mean hippies.

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To the uninformed, modern trucks can give the impression of sportiness. That even curious oct 27 - other singles a web redemption or running for widowers recopies onwards? Don't believe me? Vans used to be small trucks. They can be used to drive around the family, drive in the snow if you have 4 wheel, towing, and much more.

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The problem is people using trucks and SUV's as daily driving vehicles. This is admittedly a minor point, but if you're after a generic term for the unitised construction you are referring to, use "unit-body" or "monocoque". In our previous example with IFS having limited wheel travel of 7 inches, this means with the front tire fully stuffed and the rear tire fully drooped we have a whole 7 inches of articulation. But what do you propose, boycott large vehicles?

By Jim anonymous Posted July 19, 2009 at 09: Later that week I helped a recover a Rover 25 swamped by heavy rain, driving thru upto six inches of water to get there. Control arms with a solid axle coil sprung rig put the frame contact points on the bottom of the frame rather than the sides of the webbing.

You have to define what you want from you vehicle, mine, even if Jeep has stopped making them, is one of the most universal vehciles around.