What are lucky numbers in chinese

At least, that is what Chinese leaders hope and pray for.

what are lucky numbers in chinese

All Posters com http: The belief in dragons dates back thousands of years and no one is sure where it comes from. Compatibility Chart. Many hospitals and other buildings used by Chinese don't have a forth floor, the same way some Western buildings don't have a 13th floor. According to an old Chinese proverb: September 9, 1999 9-9-99 , or Infinity day, was regarded with some trepidation by Chinese.

What's Your Lucky Number?

If you are the copyright owner and would like this content removed from factsanddetails. Double Ten Day, October 10th, is really, really unlucky. Kent Ewing, Asia Times, January 24, 2012]. So when choosing telephone numbers, people like more number 6s in it.

The time of 8: Number Five is popular since it is in the center 1-5-9.

what are lucky numbers in chinese

Perhaps the figure most used for decorative purposes in China is the Dragon. To waylay fears a folklore scholar in Beijing announced the "fear that a leap eighth month brings disaster is sheer superstition" and an article in a leading intellectual newspaper reported that "according to history, there is no certain link between a leap eighth month and natural disasters.

More than 4000 years ago, there was a legend of a turtle with 9 perfect squares in its shell, 3 by 3, which Emperor Yu saw on the banks of the Luo River, and that gave birth to Luo Shu square , a tool of chinese numerology.

what are lucky numbers in chinese

Feng-shui masters said that better-than-expected economic news was due the influence of the advancing dragon chasing the rabbit to the back of the zodiacal queue.

However, since the 7 th day of the month, in the Chinese lunar calendar, is Valentine's Day, this number is not usually associated with bad luck. In business, 6 is considered lucky.

what are lucky numbers in chinese

One of the best sign of all is a red bat. The birthrate in dragon years often leaps because it is the most auspicious in the Chinese almanac. In other words, Hong Kong needs more babies, lots of them.

what are lucky numbers in chinese

Chinese culture is very influenced by different beliefs about luck and especially numbers. An instance is the Tiananmen Gate which is the main entry to the Forbidden City.

Lucky and Unlucky Chinese Numbers

Hope that helps - it's really interesting to know the meaning behind these sort of things. Here's an image of the elevator for even-numbered floors where number 4 is not mentioned at all. Large sums have been paid to obtain combinations with this number in license plates and mobiles.