What database does yahoo use

In addition to the other purposes for which we collect information , other types of log data ie not relating to search such as ad views, ad clicks, page views and page clicks are retained for a longer period in order to power innovative product development, provide personalized and customized services, and better enable our security systems to detect and defend against fraudulent activity. I also asked specifically about OpenStack.

what database does yahoo use

Prefer not to receive advertising based on your interests? Rather, the main point of Tez seems to be performance, performance consistency, response-time consistency, and all that good stuff.

what database does yahoo use

The database, which currently provides in the region of 13. Mad Wizard - yourstorewizards. How can I access my database through PHP? Servers Log Files The Yahoo computers called "servers" that send your web pages and advertising banners process and store an enormous amount of information every day.

what database does yahoo use

Data Lake vs. We can help. Yahoo Privacy. The Webscope database has been available to Yahoo researchers for some time, but they have recently opened it up to the public. Like This Article? It is reasonable to reduce the subject to two quasi-dimensions:. Yahoo takes additional steps so that data collected and used to customize interest based advertising along with some content on Yahoo are not associated with personally identifiable information.

Data Storage and Anonymization

Back to Google Forum 3 total posts Page 1 of 1. Refining your strategic plan? Thread display: Share Flag. Indeed, they suggested that use cases which were a good technical match for HBase were those that required fast random reads and writes with high concurrency and strict consistency.

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Size matters: Yahoo claims 2-petabyte database is world's biggest, busiest

Company-specific notes include:. And the data, all of it constantly accessed and all of it stored in a structured, ready-to-crunch form, is expected to grow into the multiple tens of petabytes by next year. Free Resource. IP addresses within search user log data will be anonymized or deleted within 6 months from the time of collection.

Yahoo Opens Largest Database to the Public

Thank you for letting us know! Still, as recent examples show, benchmark marketing is an annoying blight upon the database industry.

what database does yahoo use

Please do not modify or delete this database.