What does carpet bagging meaning


Con artists are good at this, and that is how she won. This sceptred isle. You can't just go to another place and act like you own it.

what does carpet bagging meaning

They take over all jobs, land, money, offices, and tell everyone how to live. They went to seek political office from which most southerners had been barred or otherwise take advantage of the political and economic turmoil during Reconstruction, the military occupation of the former Confederacy. You have no context from which to speak.

Red tape, white lies. Wallace as a carpetbagger who only moved back to the district last year from Maryland and has not voted there in decades. Politician striving for popularity in a remote ward.

what does carpet bagging meaning

The term refers today to politicians who move to another state with the intention of seeking political office there, as Robert F. Explore the year a word first appeared.

what does carpet bagging meaning

While some well-meaning individuals may have been incorrectly labeled as "carpetbaggers," the overwhelming majority of that category were, in fact, northern transplants looking to profit from the desperate post-war conditions in Southern states, including taking possession of properties and businesses which had been seized or "appropriated" by the Union during the war.

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