What does re identify mean

Research reveals de-identified patient data can be re-identified

Merriam-Webster unabridged. Such experiences are thought to be available generally only to those who are capable of a "decentering of self. Love words?

what does re identify mean

A well-known example is the re-identification of a dataset from Netflix done by Arvind Narayanan. In September 2016, we found that the encryption of supplier IDs was easily reversed. Now, we find that patients can be re-identified , using known information about the person to find their record. Some data can be safely published online, such as information about government, aggregations of large collections of material, or data that is differentially private.


Now I ask: To exhibit its detail is simply to describe the criteria by which we criticize, amend and extend our ascription of identity to things and places.

These objections do not apply to experiences of God. Now, while Gale is right that spatial-temporal location is sufficient to give meaning to the notion of an object's existing unperceived, it is hardly necessary.

The process of re-identifying individuals refers to using anonymized data to find individuals in public datasets.

what does re identify mean

Narayanan and his team were able to re-identify the anonymous database and this study lead to a privacy lawsuit against Netflix that consequently cancelled a second contest in 2010. It is time-consuming, requires serious data management and statistics skills and it simply lacks the easy transmission and transferability as seen in computer viruses. Re-identification is possible only if the perceptual particular exists in something at least analogous to space and time.

what does re identify mean

De-identification is very unlikely to work for other rich datasets in the government's care, like census data, tax records, mental health records, penal information and Centrelink data.

It is the difference in the pitch of the master-sound between when S is heard and when S' is heard that determines that S and S' are numerically distinct even if S and S' are perceptually identical. In that case, God could be a perceptual particular even though there xists no analogue of spatial position for God.

what does re identify mean

Please sign in to add a comment. Some individuals are unique given public information, and many patients are unique given a few basic facts, such as year of birth or the date a baby was delivered.