What happened to vincent on bones

Read More. Well, if you were going to die, at least you died for a reason.


I think the rest of the cast and crew were happy to get off the train and get back to the giggles. Nathan theorized that news that Daisy Wick Carla Gallo is pregnant with Sweets' son may have diverted fans, as did the unusual occurrence of having a series regular die in a season premiere.


So last night, you had me bawling. Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. And my bony, British body is covered in bruises. In terms of Vincent himself, he was such a randomly beloved character. In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, the 29-year-old describes his character's death as "a grim moment" and that he "cried like a baby for a minute" after shooting his final scene, when Sweets is zipped into a body bag. Of course, Bones fans would never say such a thing.

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It's not only finding a killer because of a sense of justice, but it's finding a killer out of a sense of vengeance and redemption," Nathan says. Home Article Vincent's 'Bones' death: It was just miserable. When you first came on as him, did you ever anticipate the squinterns getting a following?

what happened to vincent on bones

He was giving Booth a final bit of advice, because he knew how difficult this was coming back in and that he couldn't trust anybody. Oh, no. Executive producer Stephen Nathan says the character's death, a darker turn for a show known for its lighter touch, made the most sense.

Why Did Bones Kill off Squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray?

Sweets is not the first Bones team member to die. Oh, I saw the one the other day where I was confessing to Emily that I had told people we were in a relationship.

what happened to vincent on bones

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Vincent's 'Bones' death: The actor speaks!

That made me giggle. ET Sept. This could shake fans to the bone.

what happened to vincent on bones

Spoiler alert: We have to help track them down.