What is porsche x50 package

what is porsche x50 package

Nothing hides on a Dyno. Although one code did bring up colour coded seat backs? Find More Posts by DesignerGenes. Find More Posts by tvurt. Porsche bundled the X50 package which was larger turbos and intercoolers, the PCCB brakes, full leather interior with console and a few other small cptions including an interior and rear deck S badge, for the Turbo S model. Stick your fingers in the slats behind the rear wheel and feel the intercoolers, standard are flat, x50 are ribbed for her pleasure.

The S models were much cheaper than a similarly equipped '04 model as the bundled price of the options offered a huge discount.

What is the real difference in 996tt X50 vs 996tt s

It also permanently has a baby seat in for the times that we pop our 15-month old daughter in. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. My recollection is that each. I don't think you can tell if the turbo has the X50 option by looking at the car eg exhaust tips etc.

what is porsche x50 package

Porsche 911 X50. Normally Aspirated 0 Turbo 5 Supercharger 0 Show more. Find More Posts by Third-Reef.

what is porsche x50 package

Vendor Directory. Fuel Consumption. When I drive up I my X50 no one seems to notice though.


An '05 S Turbo Coupe is quite rare. Question Title:. I decided to "tastefully" mod the car rather than leaving it stock, realizing that this may affect resale but increase my fun factor.