What is the buffalo wild wings challenge

After mopping the sauce off my face, slurping a beer, and rolling the milk around in my mouth, I noticed that the sauce had left a chemical burn on my thumb, which you can see in the next-to-last photo.

I signed a waiver. Did the challenge.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Taking on Buffalo Wild Wings’ Blazin’ Challenge

My most recent batch included some of the Mad Dog 9 Million SU extract, made a nice little heat boost: My best advice would be to slather on some Chapstick, I wish I had. If you beat the challenge, aside from the t-shirt and being on the wall of fame. I cannot even imagine.

what is the buffalo wild wings challenge

Monte The wings are not 300k SU. I did the challenge in Plano. The challenge?

Buffalo Wild Wings' Blazin' Wing Challenge requires a waiver before attempting

I am a little scared. I had no problems except the next day my a-hole burned like no other. Buffalo Wild Wings' is a popular wing chain, known for their sports theme and extensive wing flavors. Just buckle down, get it done.

The “Blazin’ Wing Challenge” at Buffalo Wild Wings: A Photostory

The Source being liquid is easier. I did it this yesterday, Tuesday wings are like 60cents the wings are hot but you can do it no problem just watch the time.

what is the buffalo wild wings challenge

The sauce is not that terrible…quite enjoyable actually. Their Blazin' Challenge involves eating 12 of their spiciest wings in just 6 minutes. Had a blast!!! I enjoy spicy foods.

what is the buffalo wild wings challenge

Oh, the triple atomic is only 500k temp. I want to buy a bottle of the sauce for home use! You've got six minutes, and that's it.

what is the buffalo wild wings challenge

The problem is, the wings are way more covered than they normally are in their sauce. Your blister was not from the sauce.