What is the true gods name

The problem with God is not that He's so far away that we can't see Him. To do that we're going to need a brief lesson in linguistics. Spelled left to right: Now what other things can we think of that are opposites with equal ontological statuses?

No one on the earth knows what light is. Darkness is not. Remember the previous section, where we talked about names in general, and what they helped us to know about YHWH? Over the years I have found a great many people have difficulty grasping this.

Names in general

He is the ultimate ground. His personal name, which you now know, is His image of reflection in the realm of language. If I announce to that same room, "Miss Wanda Boefonse will be arriving shortly," I am referring to someone who is not present.

It goes like this:. Your reputation and name go hand in hand, then. It is not as though something different is now coming out of the bulb which we call "darks" that are "darkening" the room the way the photons were lighting it.

Transliterated into English: I can find out where you live, where you work, how much money you have, where and when you were born, etc... Helping you do that is the purpose of this writing. Replace every occurrence of "Lord" with "I am". You may be surprised.

It matters not at all which religion or cultural heritage you are from! You are "YHWH!!