What population of france speaks french

what population of france speaks french

Romance languages are descended from Vulgar Common Latin, which was the everyday language of the Romans. The pronunciation issue is something lots of people underestimate IMO. Or add an adverb to denote future: Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba and Swahili. Thanks to massive population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, combined with the continued expansion of education, French has become the fastest growing language in Africa.

Why French Matters

Vulgar Latin diverged into many different local dialects, which eventually became the Romance languages we know today. Well, assuming you are from the US by Americans is not actually depicting hatred of your actual country and race, is it?

what population of france speaks french

Or do they? They were proud of their Language, but until the point they are lazy to speak English, to me, is a bad thing. The US is pretty terrible about second languages in education. French people. And gaps are made to be filled.

How Many People Speak French, And Where Is It Spoken?

About nine years in, the woman that introduced us all tragically passed away from cancer. Unsurprisingly, France boasts the highest number of native French speakers, although its not the most populous country to have French as an official language: Another note: He is in your country after all.

what population of france speaks french

By the time the dinner came round, I was more worried about preparing the chocolate mousse than I was about speaking French. In the majority of countries that belong to the International Organization of la Francophonie, more than 60 percent of the population is under 30 years old. French was chosen as the official language because of its perceived neutrality, acting as a lingua franca to facilitate communication between the indigenous ethnic groups, the majority of whom speak one of four national languages: I figured this would give me an advantage at the dinner at the end of the week.

Although it is predominantly a second language for most speakers, there are some regions, such as Abidjan in Ivory Coast, where it has superseded local languages.

The status of French in the world

France is not the US. Useful links about French in the Delaware Valley: When I was a newcomer in Germany, except for one solitary woman, nobody else wanted to speak in English with me. The province is home to 7 of the 10 million native French speakers in Canada. The amount of kisses depends on the part of the country: