Where to place medals on asu

where to place medals on asu

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where to place medals on asu

Log In with Facebook. Vote down. Arrange each ribbon on the ribbon rack in the order of precedence outlined by AR 670-1, with the highest-ranking ribbons at the top and moving down from right to left.

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Needless to say I made the young man shy away. SGT Join to see 8 mo. Can You Answer Them? Miniature medals are worn centered on the left lapel of the Army blue mess and the new versions of the Army white mess uniforms.

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where to place medals on asu

People will still know what it is. The medals are placed so the bottom line is positioned parallel to the top edge of the top button of the Army white and blue uniform coats, and in a similar position on the new version of the white mess uniforms, and the blue mess and evening mess uniforms see fig 29-8 below.

Wear of Miniature Decorations and Service Medals

To disable: Why don't more Soldiers wear their full size medals? The bottom row of the medal pendants are positioned parallel to the bottom of the nameplate.

where to place medals on asu

Note that the Medal of Honor is exempt from the rules laid out for standard medals in AR 670-1 and should always be worn around the neck with the suspension ribbon above the shirt collar but below the jacket.

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