Who does speak ghostwriter for rap

who does speak ghostwriter for rap

On Thursday, I sat with a well-known rapper, who moonlights as a ghostwriter for multiplatinum, Grammy Award-winning and iconic hip-hop artists. Probably fucking not," he says, trying to coax the corners of his mouth into a smile. If it was an artist of Drake's stature 15 years ago, there would be no discussion, there would be no rebuttal, there wouldn't be a single fan saying, "I don't care.

It seems like ghostwriters are used more as insurance for record companies. The artist, you know his real name, that name may be first. It is literally about what you're saying, that's it. I would assume you'd have to be writing for somebody who's looked at as never having a writer. In order to record a song professionally a lot of moving parts have to be in place working cohesively. Less of an innovator, more of a trend perfector — Turntable Thoughts July 1, 2018 at 2: Do we really expect our favorite rappers to write everything they recite?

No Thanks Sign Up. I propose we look at ghostwriting in a few different ways. In high school he met a producer named Afta-1 and another rapper named Pheo, with whom he later formed the Art Goon collective.

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Dre, Diddy and Kanye West are all known to have used writers in varying degrees. Rebecca Haithcoat 4.

who does speak ghostwriter for rap

Most of the time ghostwriters are either artists themselves, or aspiring artists. There's a lot of musicians on the record, you may have 10 names, it doesn't mean 10 people wrote the rhymes. Don't have an account yet? In his recollection, though she already had songs, she was unfamiliar with traditional song structure. Welcome to the new old school. This is a guy who has pretty much hits home runs almost every time he's went up to bat.

who does speak ghostwriter for rap

It's all super natural. Most fans don't know the politics of rappers with writers, and that's because in hip-hop a ghostwriter is supposed to remain quiet. What is it that attracts an artist to a writer?

Rap talk: Ghostwriting Defined

The situation with [Quentin Miller], who they're saying wrote for Drake -- whether it's true or not -- there's enough floating around that I'm sure that his phone is on fire right now. Every publisher, other artists, managers, producers are reaching out saying "Hey we need some of that. Soulfly's Max Cavalera Track of the Week: