Who played bosley in charlies angels

John Bosley. Home Movies. Bosley confessed to being a caffeine addict while dining with Ellen Miles.

Patrick Stewart Cast as Bosley in Charlie's Angels Movie Reboot

He had some investigatory skills, was competent with paperwork, and was proficient with a pistol. You are here: In the original show, Bosley acted as an intermediary between the Angels and Charlie Townsend, the mysterious owner of the detective agency. Den of Geek US. Charlie's Angels 2000. This is pretty cool news, both for the movie and for Stewart, who is also in talks to return to the Star Trek universe as Captain Jean Luc Picard.

who played bosley in charlies angels

She won't be stepping away from the role. Apparently he stepped on his toe during the process. Bosley worked with Charlie at least five years before the start of the series.

According to THR , Stewart is in final negotiations to play the role in the reboot of the popular 70s TV series that ran for five seasons. There were also some pretty solid reboot movies during the naughts, but we won't speak of that TV show reboot attempt a few years back.

David Doyle and Bill Murray. Patrick Stewart is our next Bosley!

who played bosley in charlies angels

Bosley did some field work, but mostly he stayed in the office and kept the Angels in contact with Charlie. Read more of her work here or follow her on Twitter kaytiburt.

who played bosley in charlies angels

Patrick Stewart. Bosley went to Cheerio restaurant almost every day before going to the office.

John Bosley

View the discussion thread. Bosley was sufficiently comfortable dancing the tango that he could punctuate it by making faces and pretending to kick another dancer.

who played bosley in charlies angels

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who played bosley in charlies angels