Who plays grants wife in eastenders

For a second time, she made plans to leave Walford with Courtney. However, following the departure of Lorraine, Grant decided that he wanted to make a go of things with Tiffany again and the pair reunited. Grant refused to allow Tiffany to socialise with her friends or drink alcohol, fearing that it would harm his unborn child.

Grant Mitchell's girls! 6 of the EastEnders hardman's forgotten flings

Breda McQueen's murderous secret is exposed. The affair abruptly ended when Tiffany decided that she wanted to be with Grant after all. Tiffany and Frank circa. The couple, who have been married since 2012, are already parents to a little boy, who was born in April 2015, while Ross also shares a son with his makeup artist ex-partner Nicola Coleman.

Grant decided to counter their relationship by making a play for Tiffany's mother, Louise, and the two ended up in bed together. While soaking up the sun in exile he sampled the local ladies and ended up with wife number three, sexy senorita Carla.

EastEnders: Has 'wild rover' Grant Mitchell got the hots for ex-wife Sharon?

Then there was that bunk-up in the Queen Vic bar with Michelle Fowler, which has been talked about a lot over the last few weeks , 20 years after the event.

Glad you asked…. Unbeknown to Louise or Grant, Tiffany started packing to leave Walford. I Accept. In September, Ross became a proud father to twins.

who plays grants wife in eastenders

No-nonsense northern hairdresser. Why everyone quit Death in Paradise. Despite not wanting to take pictures with Steve, the pair are still very much on good terms.

Tiffany's final episode was so popular with fans they voted to see it again in February 2000 in a special vote for the show's 15th anniversary.

who plays grants wife in eastenders

Grant kept it in the family while married to tragic Tiff when he leapt into bed with her cougar mum, lusty Louise. So if you're part of the younger EastEnders audience, you were most likely still in nappies back then, unable to keep up with Sharongate and the like.

who plays grants wife in eastenders

He became violent and threw a pregnant Tiffany out of their home in The Vic. Fashion Monthly. Apparently not, because Grant Mitchell left EastEnders waaaay back in 1999 — a massive 16 years ago! Despite returning briefly in 2005 to help his sister Sam get out of being sent down for the killing of Den Watts and again in 2006 after having money troubles back in Brazil — Grant has been sunning it up in a variety of tropical destinations.

As Lorraine consoled a distraught Tiffany, she broke down and admitted that she wasn't sure if her baby was Grant's.

who plays grants wife in eastenders

Keegan Baker collapses - will anyone be able to help him? Grant's 2006 comeback is best remembered for his affair with Jane Beale, but in a ploy to make Jane jealous he also seduced sassy 19-year-old new girl in town Chelsea Fox — to the horror of her mum Denise. Telegraph Culture TV.