Whooping cough vaccine while pregnant nsw map

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Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy: a summary of funded Australian state and territory programs

Available at: Rights and advocacy Rights and advocacy. These services are funded and regulated by the Commonwealth Government and can be operated by not-for-profit, private or state government providers. It is also important that those who will be closest to your baby in the first weeks of life also receive a whooping cough vaccine.

whooping cough vaccine while pregnant nsw map

Aim to expand cohort study of influenza vaccine effectiveness during pregnancy to assess pertussis vaccine effectiveness — linkage of midwives data collection, hospitalisation, notification and emergency department data. Research Fund Mental health prevention and recovery care Reporting - clinical services mental health performance reports.

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Drug policy and services newsletters. Page last updated: Prevention and promotion In Victoria the promotion of mental health and wellbeing is a priority. A to Z Feedback Contact us Emergency information. As with all medical interventions, it is important to obtain appropriate informed consent in the usual way.

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You can also get whooping cough from sharing food or drinks or from close contact like kissing. Listen show more. From 28 weeks gestation in each pregnancy, or as soon as possible after delivery. The NHMRC, which is responsible for endorsing the Australian Immunisation Handbook, updated its advice after a review of available evidence showed that immunising pregnant mothers in the third trimester significantly reduces the incidence of whooping cough in newborn babies, and therefore lessens the risk of infant death.

whooping cough vaccine while pregnant nsw map

I need information for. Whooping cough. First posted April 07, 2015 15: However this was subsequently amended to accord with the updated Australian Immunisation Handbook recommendations personal communication Scott Brown, Acting Manager, Immunisation Program, Department of Health, Queensland, 29 July 2015. Infectious diseases Guidelines and advice for health professionals about infectious diseases.

whooping cough vaccine while pregnant nsw map