1 google equals what number

Not Quite! Hi Michael! By the way, I'm in your reading class.

1 google equals what number

Leave a Comment. You are absolutely right about all the other data points. One is happy and bright — quite utopian, while the other is sad and bleak, much more dystopian. How big is a googolplex? We were excited to learn that Googol is connected to exponents!

How Many Is a Googol?

Thank you for visiting Wonderopolis today and leaving us this comment! The Milky Way galaxy is not very thick, when compared to its diameter, but we have been on a fantasy voyage, viewing a sugar planet from the comfort of a spaceship.

1 google equals what number

The earth is approximately 10 to the 12th cubic kilometres in volume, and is definitely not made of sugar cubes!! Therefore, using our current population of over 7 billion gives us the following formula: Vigi- is from the prefix vigint- Latin for 20, septa- is the Latin prefix we use for 7, and centennial is the word we use for 100 again from Latin to keep it all consistent.

googol and googolplex

Wonderopolis Mar 18, 2012. So a googolplex is 100 times that. This is hyper awesome and ultrameganerdy. Michael Dec 16, 2013.

Largest Possible Number?

Frank Pilhofer has determined that, given Moore's Law which is that computer processor power doubles about every 1 to 2 years , it would make no sense to try to print out a googolplex for another 524 years - since all earlier attempts to print a googolplex out would be overtaken by the faster processor.

We will not publish comments that bully, tease, or are mean-spirited. If we assume that it will take Google 2,461 years to actually index one googol web pages, then we have to ask ourselves a few other hypothetical questions. What results does the search engine give you?

UNBEATABLE Number Puzzles

A Mathematical Journey. Now, we could get a tweezers to pick up sugar grains, one at a time, to make a row of ten grains, which would be one centimetre long.

1 google equals what number