Bofors 155mm howitzer field gun all quiet

India has numerous border disputes with China and the two countries fought a war in 1962.

Questions raised about Government's decision to buy Bofors gun

Senior generals argued, however, that such firing had not been demonstrated in India. There were a series of confusing manoeuvres for 20 months after the Maya Das report, with questions about ammunition, new claims being made by the manufacturers, fresh negotiations being held, and so on.

bofors 155mm howitzer field gun all quiet

It was only after the Kargil War, when artillery played a vital part in winning the war, that India realised it shortcomings. Honour and Glory New Delhi: There is a need for light weight towed howitzers of 155mm calibre in case warfare takes place in mountainous regions.

An army in search of artillery

Keeping these and several other issues in mind, the committee made the following observations: Venkataraman on a visit to Austria. Even when the French gun was being promoted, no one suggested Bofors as the best option, till the very last minute.

bofors 155mm howitzer field gun all quiet

Industry officials said they were unlikely to return to the M777 line, which is almost certain to be revived at some point to execute the Indian order. The French gun followed; the Swedish came a poor third. All the gun manufacturers claimed improvements in their guns, over and above what had been proven in the Indian trials.

bofors 155mm howitzer field gun all quiet

Skip to main content. But, in a mystery that has not yet been solved, the report never saw the light of day.

bofors 155mm howitzer field gun all quiet

Senior Editor Prabhu Chawla delved into the relevant papers to put together this exclusive report on how the army's primary technical evaluation of the Bofors and other guns was quietly shelved, never to see the light of day. The explosive eight-page report by the 15-member Maya Das Committee is the only one of its kind, and casts serious doubts on the quality, performance and acquisition of the Bofors gun.

During such situations, India has optimally employed artillery which is of adequate potency and of the right calibre to form 23. Providing Support to the Infantry Throughout history, it has been seen that artillery provides support to the infantry without which it would not be able to win a war.

It has acquired the M109A5 from the US at a cheaper price.

bofors 155mm howitzer field gun all quiet

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