Dr who dead ringers cast

Sarah Mann: Maryse O'Neill: Doctor Who contacts Kwik-Fit to get his interstellar life suspension units and cryogenic exhaust emitter checked. Questions, Questions - But do you have the answers? In another sketch, the Tenth Doctor discusses the problems spending Christmas with your past incarnations. And the end of the sketch, he agrees to only do one year to appease his bitter relatives.

Jon Culshaw

He staggers away, with a sign on his back saying "exterminate me". After the party, the Tenth Doctor, drunk, says his previous selves were not bad people and that they like him. The show regularly parodies several versions of the Doctor. The Tenth Doctor brings out a turkey covered in tin foil, which frightens the Second Doctor, as all his villains were made from tin foil.

dr who dead ringers cast

An episode of Time Team , where Tony Robinson leads an archaeological dig in the garden of 10 Downing St to look for the 'lost' cabinet ministers.

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Radio 4. Religion Ethics. Gareth Giles: Keith Burgess: The Daleks have also made multiple appearances in the series, all the way back to 2000. Dead Ringers is a British radio and television comedy impressions show. Culshaw is renowned for his ability to impersonate the voice of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor , a role in which he has made numerous sketch appearances as well as prank telephone calls for Dead Ringers.

dr who dead ringers cast

Nev Fountain, one of the writers, has chosen Joanna Tansley 's idea of a film trailer for The Bridge on the River Tyne starring Alec Guinness and the Likely Lads as the winner, because it is very much a Dead Ringers kind of sketch, which would work with the voice talent available in the team. In full makeup as Tom Baker, Culshaw interviewed the real Tom Baker, who had no problem with this imitation at all.

dr who dead ringers cast

Sign In Don't have an account? He performed the role of Tom Baker's voicemail in The Five ish Doctors Reboot , in which Baker himself did not appear except in archival footage from Shada.

dr who dead ringers cast

Gino Muscat: Cancel Save. Heather Mikhail: Some annoyed geriatrics and Thora Hird have their say in a new radio 4 series - Cross Incontinents. David Swindon: Go to the Listen Again page.