Examples of how electromagnetic waves are used

Studies suggest that this healing effect is possible through long-term exposure to small doses of gamma rays than by subjecting a patient to one-time treatments with high doses.

The human eye cannot see this light, but infrared cameras can detect it. Here are 10 examples of electromagnetic radiation which we come across daily and the harmful effects that result from it:. Visible light waves let you see the world around you. Article Media. Infrared - Higher Infrared light has frequencies which are absorbed by some chemical bonds. Clinical studies have revealed that prolonged exposure to X-ray radiation translates into a high risk of developing cancer.

Radio wave

This electrical current has the same frequency as the radio waves. Submit Feedback.

examples of how electromagnetic waves are used

The World Health Organization has often referred to radio waves radiation as possibly carcinogenic. Long-term exposure increases thermal radiation and may trigger headaches, vision problems, sleep disruption and even memory loss.

Microwaves are used for cooking food, communications and for satellite communications. Detecting UV waves assists astronomers, for example, in learning about the structure of galaxies.

examples of how electromagnetic waves are used

Glass manufacturers and iron-welders are susceptible to cataracts in their eyes due to the thermal effect produced by intense infrared waves. Since the only form of energy transmitted to your food is heat, there is a minimal risk of contamination or radiation that can affect your health.

Lunar research emission by radio sources In radio source ionosphere In plasma: The frequencies move from the lower wavelengths, detected as reds, up to the higher visible wavelengths, detected as violet hues.

Radio waves can be produced by oscillations in electrical circuits. This type of radiation derives from what our eyes perceive as a clear, observable field of view.

examples of how electromagnetic waves are used

The jury is still out on whether radio waves radiation produces adverse side effects like cancer for sure. Luc Braybury began writing professionally in 2010. In the electromagnetic spectrum, the UV rays are followed by shorter wavelength radiation like X-ray waves, which are also known as ionization radiation.

The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from long wavelength, low frequency waves like radio waves which can be used for communication to short wavelength, high frequency waves like gamma rays which can be used for medical treatment. The electromagnetic EM spectrum encompasses all wave frequencies, including radio, visible light and X-rays.

10 Examples Of Electromagnetic Radiation In Everyday Life

When electromagnetic waves travel through matter for example, light passing through air or glass , they travel a bit slower than this but rarely less than half as fast as in a vacuum. About the Author. Electromagnetic Spectrum Non Destructive Testing: All objects emit infrared light.