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These are things we all know. They'll either throw a ton of Zerglings at your Stalkers killing the Spines or they'll give everything they've got killing the Zealots in their main. Oh, that might not be good. You can use f-keys f1, f2, etc for more important stuff, like camera locations or control groups. Jack rolled his eyes-though long hours of work had somewhat 'corrupted' his pseudo-jock roommate into the Ways of the Nerd, and he'd even played a few Starcraft II matches, Roger could still be somewhat clueless at times.

A feminine metal torso, built into the wall via a mass of wires, and watching us with a neutral, glowing blue pair of eyes.


Always keep track of upgrades, attack or defend when upgrades are finished to get the full advantage! Time to add more: Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to a road to master series or rather a guide of me. We want more daily quests with more randomization in them to keep them from getting old and repetitive and we want to try to have them in place when Wrath of the Lich King ships.

After a brief moment, Roger's eyes widened in recognition and we ran over.

Sitting in the center was a raised, round dais of sorts, which was decorated with a glowing hologram of the area around the Command Center as we entered. To check important buildings or units, we need control groups. A couple hours later, me and Roger looked away from my Drone's fine work toppling trees to find the Command Center was finished, the SCV hovering behind it and looking almost smug.

Serves as storage and allows more units to be maintained. Having a chance to play some, the Protoss are easily the most enjoyable race right now. Jakatak about the magic triangle: One of the most important things in general is your set up. I do not own anything copyrighted, nor will I in the foreseeable future.

Want to join? So a lot of the things we really want to make sure we maintain is the feel in a lot of ways of the race. Because I don't want to screw myself over missing oneā€¦..

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Log in to join the conversation. They have been talking about it for years and years and they really wanted to make more out of that unit. In all seriousness, the fights will change anytime that you raise the number of people or just introduce different people to a raiding environment or change up class composition it changes the general vibe of that raid so I think it will always feel different, not just from 10 to 25 but whenever you switch up raid composition.