Gifts for guys who lift

However, their main advantage over the Ironmasters is that you can adjust them much more rapidly. Buy a quality pair of lifting straps that are durable, comfortable and easy to wrap around the bar.

Supplement gift card 15.

gifts for guys who lift

Without further ado, let's get onto the list. Plus, it will provide them with a background on the history of bodybuilding as a sport and a lifestyle, as well as insight into different topics or controversies in bodybuilding culture.

Top 31 Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders in 2018

That's not to say this is a cheap gift. Alex Hey! The base set goes up to 75 lbs per dumbbell and includes the dumbbell stand shown. This is an especially good gift idea if you're buying this for a bodybuilder who also partakes in contact sports, such as martial arts, football or rugby.

Here's the main differences:. But it's not the only way to build muscle. Depending on which training mode you're using velocity, hypertrophy, max strength, power , the Beast Sensor app will tell you whether you should use more weight, less weight or the same weight.

gifts for guys who lift

This is because they have a tendency to focus more on "show" muscles, like the chest, biceps and quads; and less on the back, triceps and hamstrings. It should be a pretty large bag that can hold plenty of training accessories i.

Bar Grip 3. For some guys, this may be enough.

10 Gifts for the Truck Lover in Your Life

Even if the bodybuilder you're shopping for already has a shaker bottle, he can always use another. Full-Length Mirror I'm not even joking.

gifts for guys who lift

This is why adjustable dumbbells are desirable for bodybuilders who train at home - they save so much room and money. However, it can still be useful for some people to prepare multiple meals ahead of time and bring them with them on-the-go.

Power Rack 2. The perfect gift idea for a bodybuilder who has this problem is a good pair of wireless headphones. All bands have a resistance range.