Guidelines how to review article

Content Quality and Originality, Is the article sufficiently novel and interesting to warrant publication?

guidelines how to review article

Other sources include reprint files and reference lists in books or published papers. While conflicts of interest will not disqualify you from reviewing the manuscript, it is important to disclose all conflicts of interest to the editors before reviewing.

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Guidelines for writing a literature review

Not all purposes are appropriate for a given review, but all reviews should include a clear statement of purpose. The following guidelines are recommended for authors submitting reviews to this Journal and may also be useful for editors, referees, and readers in their assessment of the quality of submitted and published reviews.

guidelines how to review article

A literature review is not an annotated bibliography in which you summarize briefly each article that you have reviewed. Skip to content.

How to conduct a review

Your recommendation When you make a recommendation, it is worth considering the categories the editor will likely use for classifying the article: It must be clearly organized, recently written by a knowledgeable expert scientist, and describe a topic appropriate to the general readership of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. If the manuscript you are reviewing is reporting an experiment, check the methods section first.

guidelines how to review article

Viewpoints First Person Interviews Book Reviews Technology Insight Product Reviews In the News Submissions should be newsworthy pieces about topics including but not limited to medical innovation, policy, information technology, health care reform, delivery and payment innovation. You should indicate whether your comments are your own opinion or are reflected by the data and evidence.

guidelines how to review article

Biomedical review articles: Ann Arbor: Methodology If the manuscript you are reviewing is reporting an experiment, check the methods section first. Search ADS.

guidelines how to review article

Last updated: Once these inclusion criteria are described, a review article may specify the number of studies identified by the search methods and the proportion selected for review. In general, methodologic guidelines—whether required or suggested—provide an objective basis on which editors and referees can judge submissions of review papers to journals 8.

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