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Jimmy Lile and Sylvester Stallone in 1985. The unique design was an instant hit with knife enthusiasts and the "Survival Knife" was born.

hans zacharowski knives wholesale

Each of the Rambo movies featured John Rambo and his big knife that was custom designed for each movie. Still captures from the deleted scene You can see the deleted scene here: The "Big John" knife will be available in a limited handmade version. Photo courtesy of Jostein Bjorge.

Lile "Mission" knives with various blade finishes Lile also made a stilleto knife that was made from 440C stainless steel with a micarta insert in the handle.

Gil went back to the drawing board. It's a shame the knife forging scene was deleted from the movie. Lile also made a stilleto knife that was made from 440C stainless steel with a micarta insert in the handle.

hans zacharowski knives wholesale

Gil and Stallone communicated several times by telephone and faxes until they agreed on the now famous design. In the movie script, Rambo loses his famous Rambo III and has to quickly forge a new knife from the materials he has available a piece of spring steel.

The inspiration for the handle came from a bicycle handlebar grip. This is the information that I have gathered in bits and pieces from various sources.

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Gil also made one out of meteorite Damascus. My thanks to Jack Lucarelli and www.

One story even suggests that the legendary master knifemaker Bill Moran was approached and may have even made a prototype but then declined the offer to make the knives for the movie. Gil made approximately 20 knives for use in the movie. You can order your own handmade copy from his online catalog HERE. After Jimmy Lile's death in 1991, his wife Marilyn kept the shop open until 2003 when it closed for good.

hans zacharowski knives wholesale

The hollow handles were also D2 or 440C steel and wrapped with 36 feet of green nylon paracord sealed with a commercial lacquer for protection and waterproofing. January 25, 2008.

hans zacharowski knives wholesale

United Cutlery continued to cash in on the success of the Rambo III replica by releasing two limited special editions in 1998 and 2000.

Gil started out by making a knife that was reminiscent of the Rambo III knife. Well, by the time they realized that they had the saw tooth knife in the mine field scene, it was too late and cost prohibitive to go back and re-shoot it.

The differences between the movie knife and the replica knife

There have been a lot of rumors circulated among knife enthusiasts about various knifemakers that Stallone supposedly approached to make a knife for the movie. They are a little over 15 inches in overall length and have a 10 inch blade. It also really started the trend of making reproduction movie knives as collectibles.