How do i quit youtube

Behavioral addiction can lead to less awareness of the sustenance you are putting into your body. When you have the urge to watch a new video, try focusing on another task or hobby like exercise, TV, painting, or reading.

why i quit youtube

DH David H. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. If your addiction is in the early stages it, it will take less time to stop yourself. Sometimes kids get into media too early because they have no activities or "challenges" in their life.

how do i quit youtube

Be aware of excuses. Get computer work done first.

When You’re Ready to Quit on YouTube ?

Have you begun to neglect your hair, nails, teeth? Yes No. Managing Time on YouTube. A Anonymous Oct 18, 2017. SG Sarah Green Jan 16, 2017. Tomorrow I will watch YouTube only for 2 hours, 6pm-8pm, with a timer.

how do i quit youtube

Are you pushing away friends or family, those who care about you? YouTube attracts millions of viewers, and it can be easy to start spending much more time than you ever intended watching videos.

how do i quit youtube

Repetitive stress injuries. Do you have sudden mood changes?

Tips Let your friends help. Is this helping it or making it worse? Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Playing music not only can help you treat your addiction directly, but also has benefits such as refining your time management and organizational skills, which can in turn help you manage what you do other than losing yourself in YouTube.

If you feel like your YouTube habits are a problem, they likely are.

More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. What's a reasonable amount of time that can be spent on YouTube just leisure browsing?

I hope I can follow it through. When I should be doing homework, spending time with others, or even when there are chores to be done. Co-Authored By:.