How do you dungeoneer in soulsplit 3

To start the Sagas, you must first unfreeze Skaldrun from a random frozen floor of complexity level 2 or higher.


In the images below: Party size - up to the number of those present in the group. If they attack the monolith, they drain its charges, making it take longer. These include:. Once he is on it, the pressure will unlock the doors.

Fatey's Guide To Efficient Dungeoneering

When they do, a window will appear where they can choose several floor settings: It is suggested to attempt coming up against the few items in the floor, since they are here to help you access the pressure pads.

By unlocking all 6 Complexities, your experience bonus will be modified so that you will receive the next Dungeoneering level, and so up to level 6. Winch bridge This room requires specific Crafting , Smithing , Ranged , and Strength levels which will vary from room to room. Once you have finished a floor, you will see two boxes in the top of the breakdown interface that determines your Average experience: The deeper the floor you choose, the more dangerous it will become.

This way you will play with a team of 2 to 5 players. All upgrades purchased will remain if you switch to another role. They offer various benefits such as increased xp. The strategies for completing a Medium dungeon are the same as for a Large dungeon.

Use the anvil to repair the grapple both circled in blue and the spinning wheel to spin the meatcorn both circled in green into rope. Red - Dungeon size.

Easiest to attain when fighting the Gravecreeper , Luminescent Icefiend , and Sagittare. Unholy Cursebearer. Thanks for putting the time in to write this up mate.

Players can start the Dungeoneering by talking to the Dungeoneering master. As a courtesy, please do not make edits to this article while this message is displayed, in order to avoid edit conflicts.