How does a pandemic spread

The past, present and future of the bubonic plague - Sharon N. DeWitte

Based on the disease prevalence, incidence, and the known or unknown disease pathways, there are several ways an epidemiologist might describe a disease event:. Theoretically, any combination of the 18 hemagglutinins and 11 neuraminidase proteins are possible, but not all have been found in animals and even fewer have been found to infect humans. Foodborne pathogens, such as Salmonella or E.

how does a pandemic spread

Swine flu is the H1N1 Influenza A strain. A businesswoman travels to Mexico on business and meets with someone who is harboring the new swine flu without knowing it. The Plague of Justinian of 541 A.

how does a pandemic spread

During severe, very severe, or extreme flu pandemics, public health officials may recommend additional actions, such as using facemasks when sick and in close contact with other people, temporarily dismissing child care facilities and schools, and increasing the space between people and decreasing the frequency of contact among people that is, social distancing.

Continue Reading. Instead, they relate to where it is located and how it is spreading from one area to another.

how does a pandemic spread

Related links WHO guidance: Email Address. Antiviral drugs are recommended to treat seasonal influenza in people who are very sick or who are at high risk of serious flu complications.

Phases or Stages of a Pandemic

If a new pandemic influenza virus not included in the pre-pandemic vaccine stockpile were to emerge, it is likely that a vaccine would have to be developed against that virus in order for sufficient supply of vaccine to become available for everyone who wishes to be vaccinated. Human-to-human and animal-to-human virus transmission is causing outbreaks in many communities and more people are getting sick in those communities.

Learn more about swine flu. Geneva, Switzerland: This can result from direct infection of humans with a non-human influenza A virus, such as a virus circulating among birds or pigs.

Difference Between an Epidemic and a Pandemic

Article What Is the Endocannabinoid System? But as was seen with the current H1N1 pandemic, pandemics can have unusual epidemiological patterns and large outbreaks can occur in the summer months. No human infection has resulted from the animal virus. Viruses that have caused past pandemics typically originated from animal influenza viruses. It also takes into account how new the virus strain is. Article Just Culture in Healthcare.