How many basestars do the cylons have

Raiders being released TRS: Privacy policy About Battlestar Wiki Disclaimers. Cylons can interact with the main computer by placing their hands in these basins TRS: She could of course just be talking about Capital Ships. So you attach a couple of light tin cans to its command, so they can go check out the surrounding area and stay on station longer than the bird complement.

Please report any problems with this in Trouble Tickets. The cylons aren't dumb, and they'd know two things: Raiders were deployed from access points totaling 8 in number throughout a basestar's hull to provide defense.

how many basestars do the cylons have

I think we saw that raider to viper efficency wasn't anywhere close to 1: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

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[Battlestar Galactica] How many ships?

No, create an account now. I know that 20 or 30 basestars seems like a crazy low number for the initial Cylon fleet strength, but I think it actually makes sense. I suspect you are on the right path though. We don't know, and have no solid evidence either way.

Composition of the Colonial Fleet and Cylon Fleet

Cylons can interact with the main computer by placing their hands in these basins Torn. Cylons have always favored overwhelming their opponents with numbers, over subterfuge and tactics.

how many basestars do the cylons have

Upon Admiral Adama's decision to abandon the battlestar, it is decided that the baseship would become the new flagship under Adama's command, since it is the only other warship remaining in the fleet.

Humanoid Cylons project different surroundings to navigate ship corridors more easily, and to provide them with an individually pleasing environment such as a lush forest.

Basestar (RDM)

Basestars operate a fleet of small fighters, known as Raiders , and are capable of deploying hundreds of these ships simultaneously see Related Imagery.

Why weren't there masses of basestars protecting the Colony? Basically a launch tube with a jump engine allowing you to refuel and extend the range of both your Raptors and Vipers. The Scorpian Shipyard also had another vessel which is military and appears able to depoly Vipers.

how many basestars do the cylons have

The Pegasus being commanded by an admiral suggests these ships serve as fleet flagships. Data and other functions such as analyzing visual information are handled within a liquid computer interface that resembles a stream of water flowing over a luminous glass surface.

Basestar (TRS)

I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes. But I digress... The Armistice Station Shuttle being a larger version.

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