How often to feed diabetic cat

Do not change your cat's diet except under the direction of your veterinarian. Managing Diabetes. Log in or Sign up. Diabetic Dietary Needs Cats, being non-adaptive carnivores, should have a diet high in meats and proteins, even when healthy, just to maintain optimal health.

how often to feed diabetic cat

Because more cat food makers are moving from a high carbohydrate content by going grain free, they are creating a high fat content diet. I now have switched enitrely over to Fancy Feast Chicken Classic, and learned to home monitor.

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Diabetic Cat Feeding Schedule

My girl Shaak eats every three hours from a timed feeder, I put her food out twice a day, it is FF Classics. The one thing that all vets agree on is that you have to be consistent in your cat's feeding and insulin injection schedule.

how often to feed diabetic cat

It was too harsh of a drop for him and the snacks helped his body realize that it did not have to bring the BG way up if he was coming down too quickly. This was because the insulin Vetsulin would drop his BG very quickly and it seemed that his body would "panic" and that caused his BG to skyrocket again to compensate for the quick drop.

Diet as an Aid to Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus in Cats

Show more questions. Prescription Diets — These are specially formulated for the management of cats with diabetes. Let other pet parents know what you think. If your cat tends to graze throughout the day, or for other specific questions regarding type, volume, timing and frequency of feedings, please consult your veterinarian.

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how often to feed diabetic cat

Make sure your cat is getting at least 20-45 percent of its daily calorie intake from fat and only 1-2 percent of its daily calorie intake from carbohydrates. Prescribing Information For Vets. I was thinking if I got a 5 slot feeder I could do 3 feedings every 8 hours and put the last one in frozen, with ice cubes in the remaining two slots? I have 2 FD kitties... Now, with the wet food, I am attempting scheduled feedings 2x a day- at 8am and 8pm.

Feeding Diabetic Cats

There are two main feeding schedule options for a cat with diabetes. Over time you may be able to reduce the amount of insulin you give your cat or not need to give them insulin at all.

how often to feed diabetic cat

In this Article: Cats with diabetes may need food high in fiber so they can better absorb glucose and fat in their diet. Look at your cat from the side and from the top to determine its score. So if he hate the full 6oz a day he'd be getting only 200 cal. It is very important that a diabetic cat have a strict and regular feeding schedule. Cod Liver Oil vs Salmon Oil?