How to clean coco car mats

Use coconut oil mixed with water and vinegar.

how to clean coco car mats

Please contact us at info cocomats. So it stands to reason they need a little cleaning themselves now and then. Sign up to our newsletter. Every couple of weeks you just need to take out your mats and shake them out and all of the dirt comes out.

Manufacturers from the 1970's was in Southern California and one was in Illinois, which later was sold and moved to Georgia.

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The German Company mostly supplied to the auto manufacturers and new car dealers and when the auto manufacturers stopped buying Cocomats in the late 1970's, they discontinued making cocomats. Thanks for letting us know. Click here to share your story. Answer this question Flag as...

Cocomats began being used by European auto manufacturers including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW as the floor mat of choice for the cars floor.

Create a small bucket mix of a little salt and cold water.

Under normal use, your Cocomats should last in your car for many years, and we want you to be happy with your mats. With Cocomats, dirt filters through the mat and gets trapped at the rubber bottom.

how to clean coco car mats

These cleaning instructions are only for cleaning our Coco and Nylon 6. Spray it on, and wipe off. Our Cocomats are made from specially selected yarn from Southern India.

how to clean coco car mats

Coco fibers come from the husks of coconuts and sisal fibers comes from the leaves of a cactus plant called Agave Sisalana. Help answer questions Learn more.

how to clean coco car mats

Coco matting material is made from the husks of Coconuts, seasoned in fresh and salt water lagoons, the same way that they have been making them for many, many years.