How to decompress a file 8.1

Decomprimere i File su Windows.

how to decompress a file 8.1

Aug 31, 2016. Click or tap the Zip button on the Share tab. Download and install an archival program. Compressing a Group of Files There are many ways in compressing a set of files or folders in your Windows 8 or Windows 8. About This Article.

Older split. Australia - English. In other cases, you might also want to extract the contents of a zipped folder into a separate folder or location. Ireland - English.

How to Zip and Unzip Files and Folders on Windows 8 Computer

How do you compress and extract files and folders in your computer? This button is located at the top of the open. We appreciate it. Goto Top.

how to decompress a file 8.1

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Zip and unzip files

Or you can click Browse to select another folder and tap Extract to save them in the selected one. File Manipulation. You'll need to enter the password before you can extract the files inside.

how to decompress a file 8.1

Eesti - Eesti. Method 1. If the items are in thumbnails view, you will need to enter your desired zipped folder name below the thumbnail.

You can uncompress, or extract, a file from the compressed folder and open it as you normally would, or you can open a file directly from the compressed folder by double-clicking or double-tapping it. Open the file you want to extract. Did this solve your problem? Click to view larger image.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If you are using Windows XP, you'll need to click the "Extract all files" link in the left sidebar of the open. You won't be able to run any file inside of the.

how to decompress a file 8.1

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