How to identify trees by bark images

Shape, appearance and bark

Hi Paul, This is very helpful. Ash tree bark is smooth and pale grey in saplings. Does the bark have individual nodules that noticeably extrude? Great photos and uncommon description of the winter appearance of some widespread tree species.

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Some uses are quite specific to the species your example of tapping birch for sap for example and probably deserve a separate article in themselves. Thanks for the feedback. You can also subscribe without commenting. Hi, Paul, Thanks for another useful article: Red Maple Alternate Branching All of the rest of the species will have alternate branching, but most have many other identifiable characters that can help with identification.

Often carved with graffiti not good for the tree.

How to identify a tree by its bark

Top tip: I hope it goes well for you. I do have a lot of photos of my own, as you can imagine, but the portfolio is certainly not complete when held up against all the species present, even in the UK. I think you make a good point though — and one that can be applied in general, not just to willows — get to know the trees in your area throughout the year. You can see so much more of the tree itself without leaves and I find them rather beautiful.

how to identify trees by bark images

On old trees the bark is duller, grey-brown can develop developing scaly ridges. VMTX, Paul, for a very informative article. It usually forms a shrub but trees to 10m 33ft have been recorded. Hazel is frequently found in hedges and under the canopy of larger trees in woodlands right across Europe.

how to identify trees by bark images

Hi Paul, Another fantastic post, thank you! For most purposes, just getting to maple will be enough, but here are some key characters of the different maples. Elder tree bark is greyish-brown, crossed with deep, corky ridges.

how to identify trees by bark images

Trees and shrubs are as beautiful in winter as they are any other time of year. Obviously I would credit them appropriately and would be happy to share the finished guide. There is little information about identifying young trees on the web.