How to make a butterfly knife lego

how to make a butterfly knife lego

What was your addition in assuming a problem with my ego? You're correct that there is a designation of butterfly sword, but butterfly knife is also correct as the length can be as short as 12 inches or as long as 18 inches. If the answer to any instructable is going to be in effect, "Whatever dude, I heard some guy call it a twizzlegarrot, so that's what I call it.

how to make a butterfly knife lego

In this case I noticed that you have been a member here for 4 years and your sole contribution in all that time has been to correct the author here on his use of the term butterfly knife. Perhaps you could instead ask yourself why you felt the need to respond to me at all?

Unfortunately, I had to obtain most of the parts through the LEGO Mindstorm kit, which is relatively expensive to purchase, though I am sure you are able to find the parts through many other LEGO kits. As this is made of LEGO, this shouldn't be illegal in your country and has no sharp edges.

LEGO Butterfly Knife

You need 2 of these handles for the knife. I realize that was completely my own interpretation of the situation and I apologize if that was not the case.

how to make a butterfly knife lego

Good looking balisong though. How to Make Remote Control Scorpion. Please comment tips and subscribe.

how to make a butterfly knife lego

Thank you for your concern about my ego. I will be developing a holster for the balisong knife soon.

Best Lego Butterfly Knife

The reason I commented is because you didn't seem to be giving information or adding to a discussion at all but merely inserting yourself and using this forum as a way of leveling up your own ego.

WhatTheSchnell 4 years ago on Introduction. If someone in a position of knowledge can be criticized for ADDING to the discussion and GIVING information that is apparently lacking, then what precisely is the point of education, or comment, or self improvement in any way shape or form?

For instance I didn't correct you and say that you should be using the native Chinese designation for a butterfly sword.

'Easy' LEGO Technics Balisong Knife

Great job! Actually a balisong is commonly referred to as a butterfly knife, batangas knife, or fan knife.

how to make a butterfly knife lego

The only way you could get injured is by severe squeezing in the handle, which is almost impossible. Share it with us!