How to make a leather satchel purse

Sew-It-Yourself Satchel

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how to make a leather satchel purse

Do I get the cute satchel shown for being the first to add a comment? Do not get your leather bag wet. If you would like to know more about how our leather satchels and bags are made, please contact us with any queries or questions.

Meet The Maker: Leather Satchels A Step-by-Step Guide To Making A Traditional Bag

Hi, they can be bought from our website: Removing ink marks. A shoulder strap also needs to be patterned. Additionally, having a heavy straight edge helps prevent any wandering while making your cuts. I used a stitching groover to mark my stitch lines, then punched the holes with a stitching chisel 4mm spacing and stitched the pieces together using the saddle stitch.

Unlace it a couple of slots so you have enough of the lacing to work with, then cut, and add a strap reducer.

Make This: Simple Leather Tote Bag

Slide this loop in place on to the strap before you mount either the swivel clip or the buckle. I wasn't able to cut a long enough 1.

how to make a leather satchel purse

With the handle now in place, I could finish lacing the satchel together. This put a nice fold where the 90 degree corners will be on the bottom and sides of the satchel. November 13, 2013 Crafts , Style.

how to make a leather satchel purse

Determine the size the bottom of the bag first as everything will be built around those dimensions. For the loop, I cemented the ends and finished with two small cap-style rivets. Laura Made Peachy. Dimension details are found on the template picture. Chipboard and paste glue to hold multiple layers together if needed.

How To Make a Simple Leather Purse

The swivel clip is secured with 3 copper rivets.