How to make large feather wings

Loads of women wanted their photo taken with me and at one point I had to run away and hide in the toilets. You are looking for the point about 2 inches towards your spine from the joint between your shoulder blade and the long upper bone of your arm.

how to make large feather wings

The long trailing feathers did not come from a big giant bird that grows 4-foot long feathers. You may find you need more or less depending on the size of your wing and how densely you lay the feathers.

Maleficent Inspired Large Feather Wing

The first picture shows the front of the backplate where you can see how I trimmed the feathers to cover the joint between the wing and the backplate. The loops need to be small enough not to let the washers slip through but large enough to allow them to turn on the bolt.

how to make large feather wings

While you used the wire loops to hold your wings up and down, I've fixed the wire inside the wing itself and fixed it to the base on my back. Make a hinge for the triangles from the garden wire by folding a 3.

Making large angel wings

T0BY Reptar28 Reply 2 years ago. One PVC pipe can be cut in half and used to make both your wings. We prefer X30 because of how light it is and how strong.

how to make large feather wings

Also, keep referring to your photos to check you are getting it right. You could manage with just two, one attached to each spar but it would look less effective on spreading.

How to Make a Pair of Angel Wings

I'm confused how it stays on your back with just duct tape. You may be able to buy one that does the job but I made one because it was cheaper and only took 2 minutes.

how to make large feather wings

You only want to heat up the PVC as much as is needed to bend it. We had intended to add trailing feathers to this version as well, but ran out of feathers and time to order more.

How to make; Feather Angel Wings

So the wire get the tension and pulls the "tip" of the wing. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and wanted to make the wings the best that they could be, hence I spent around 70 hours on them. Or bin them. The photo below is good because the wing is full-length and the orientation of the feathers can easily be seen.

how to make large feather wings

I had previously checked I wasn't allergic to the tape by walking around for a day with a bit on my arm under my t-shirt. Reply 2 years ago. These are about 2mm by 20mm but it doesn't matter exactly. Four looks good.