How to picture framing wire

how to picture framing wire

Step 9 You now place a bumper on each side of the bottom of the frame. Use your tape measure to help pinpoint a spot to mount the picture and mark it with your pencil.

how to picture framing wire

Picture-hanging hooks are available in a variety of sizes, each able to hold a maximum number of pounds. Then twist the wire around itself so it is secure.

Most picture hooks are mounted with nails, so you'll need a hammer.

How to tie picture frame wire Brisbane Picture Framer expla

Measure the picture wire 5 inches through the eyelet and trim. Trim any excess off with a mat knife or razor blade. Step 7 Loop the wire through the hole one more time and then twist the wire around itself so it is secure. The rationale for dust covers is to keep dust from migrating into the front of the art package.


D-rings look a little like a belt buckle attached to a strip of metal with screw holes. Mini long-nose pliers Wire cutters Screwdriver regular or Phillips, depending on screw type Ruler or tape measure Pencil Picture hooks for hanging Hammer. Angle the D-rings so they're pointing upward at about 45 degrees, but don't screw them in pointing directly toward one another.

The thicker the wire, the heavier the picture it can support—up to a maximum of 36 pounds.

how to picture framing wire

Decide how far from the top you want to position the D-rings. Search Within: Begin by measuring a length of picture wire that's double the width of the frame you're hanging.

How to Hang a Painting With Frame Hanging Wire

If not using wire the strap hangers should be placed vertically on the strainer. Step 5 You are now ready to attach the wire. They're designed to be mounted flush against the back of the picture frame.

how to picture framing wire

It may take a few attempts to get the wire firmly mounted over the wall hook, so be patient. Once the hook is nailed to the wall, you're ready to hang your picture. Step 1 Assemble the tools you will need.

Your artwork is mounted and ready to be enjoyed. This is where you will attach the strap hangers. Made from strands of steel that have been twisted together under tension, this picture wire is stronger than braided wire but less flexible.

Once you've chosen the appropriate picture wire and D-rings, you'll need a few simple tools to hang your artwork:. Step 3 Turn your artwork face down with the top of the picture closest to you. Grip the ends of the wire with the pliers, then pull and the knot will tighten. Cut the wire so it is slightly larger than the frame. After you finished putting the wire on, pull it firmly from the top to pull any kinks out.