How to store stain brushes that work

How to clean your paint brush

The Passage of Time. Remember to spread out your rags on a clean concrete or the driveway to dry out. Combine cleaning solvent containers for future use. Select applicators tools mindful of what can be re-used or recycled, instead of being thrown out. Michael Dresdner: Never use a lot of pressure to force paint out of a brush. It is especially important to keep oil based products away from high heat.

how to store stain brushes that work

Extreme heat and cold will affect how well the stain works. Wipe off any excess paint using a cloth or soft tissue. Computer screens and printers vary in how colors are displayed, so the colors you see may not match the paint's actual color. Was I mad! Plastic wrap or plastic bags are not the ideal brush and roller wrapping material!

After the final rinse and shake dry, smooth out the brush and shape the hairs with your fingers and thumb.

how to store stain brushes that work

If you think your rollers will be in for some abuse once wrapped double-wrap them! My solution?

How to Maintain Your Finish Brush

Fine WoodWorking Follow. Dip a toe in.

how to store stain brushes that work

Before dipping the brush in finish, wet the filmanets in a solvent compatible with the finish. A standard width piece cut about 12" long will cover a standard size brush or roller. Not that it makes my wife very happy… but that's another story!

how to store stain brushes that work

I use a plastic bucket. After washing the brush in thinner and getting it as clean as possible, squeeze out most of the excess thinner, then take the brush immediately to the sink while the bristles are still wet. Lather, rinse, and repeat two or three times.

Keep your active brushes and rollers fresh

Solvent, then soap. For water-borne or acrylic stain projects, rinse the wet stain out in regular water. It is well worth spending the little bit of time necessary to take good care of them.