How to use tukui client

What might go wrong I 've installed Tukui Client, I am typing the correct username and password but my credentials are not accepted! After three repairs and reopening the Blizzard Launcher, a 75MB update started and the.

Phinster-lothar 2018-12-11 17: Tukui manual installation: February 26, 2019. Pharn-azgalor 2018-12-12 01: Thank you, this worked for me too and i was able to update ElvUi.

See the next part if you don't know how to deal with this. Elv Version: Functional with a taste of stock.

how to use tukui client

Changelog Sun Jul 16, 2017: The only thing i could think of was maybe it isn't extracted because i didn't see an option to do that on mac. I completely removed the addons and downloaded the TukUI client. Everything is right where I want it. The most helpful thing I could find! In the list of addons on my twitch app, it shows elvuinutsandbolts and ozcooldowns that i downloaded form the tukui site but does not show the main elvui add-on in its list.

Plus if you want to really tweak out the game UI, you can use TukUI which has even more granular control although is a bit more of a learning curve.

ElvUI Addon Guide - How to Install and Customize

I think that it should also be known that you can turn on and off any aspect of the UI. Display posts from previous.

how to use tukui client

Sure, I have it down to a science now, where I can get it all setup and done within a couple minutes, but it would be nice if more of the settings were client wide instead of character specific.

On first run, the client will ask for your username and password. Also there will be a list of the other available addons, hosted at tukui. For me, it creates more problems than it solves, so my UI remains stock. This folder is used by Blizzard to store all the game and addon settings.

I've been using ElvUI for years.

PTR Live Classic. What I dont get is why they have to be a special snowflake and need their own client to update the addon, why cant they just add it to Twitch like every other addon? I was getting so frustrated trying to figure out which folder to choose.

how to use tukui client

They replace almost everything including by copy-pasting Blizzard code , but usually tuck it away deep inside their own code. I installed the ElvUI interface from the client into C: