Maximus what we do in life

Life is short, eternity is long, and may we invest our lives…into the things that matter for eternity.

maximus what we do in life

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“Brothers, what we do in life… echoes in eternity.”-Maximus, Gladiator

Thanks for inviting me here on this special day for your church. Powerful and authentic ways to let other know about Christ. Featured on.

maximus what we do in life

But want God had called her to do was teach Sunday School, something she was very good. It is hard for us to reflect on this reality.

maximus what we do in life

And it kinda works. Years before I had committed to make Jesus the leader of my life, but recently I had tried to find my own source of success, but I was failing. And I am looking forward to getting to know each other a bit more after …I hear we get lunch too!

We need not be concerned as we are already prepared to fulfill our calling.

maximus what we do in life

We are so absorbed with our future that we rarely stop to think about the legacy we will leave behind. Lots of potential solutions: The perfect embodiment of this idea is the late Scott Dinsmore.

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I used to always try and disagree, argue and dispute without really listening. A mist is brief. He built a community with meetups in 150 cities and 48 countries around the world. He is with us to accomplish His Will. We are not ashamed to say we need your help.

maximus what we do in life

Russell Crowe plays Maximus, a super tough and super smart Roman general. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When going through life, we often focus on the future.