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Why did you let him get away with it? Tweets by VillageBksBham. Search form Search. I think, by the way, if the Lewinsky scandal, which of course is really just the Whitewater scandal - but if the Lewinsky scandal - I always feel bad calling it that - happened today, I don't think social media would allow it to play out in the same way that it did. Square Fish - September 10th, 2013. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California.

And I think we get the male point of view almost all the time in everything. We meet her at two different stages in her life.

npr gabrielle zevins elsewhere

So yeah, that was kind of just a little goal of mine in writing this book. Skip to main content. And so I really liked writing Embeth because she had wit that I think is often buried when you have to be a public figure because we don't really like people that are nuanced, funny - and we don't really like women that way, especially if their job is to be a political wife. Usually Ships in 1-5 Days. She changes her name to Jane Young, and becomes an event planner — mostly weddings — in a small town.

I just wanted to write a book that, again, reflected what I think people are like, and I just wanted to write a book that, again, was not...

Gabrielle Zevin, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry--Fiction

However, I think looking back on the scandal and my own perceptions of it - I'm a couple of years younger than Monica - and I remember feeling very judgmental of her as a young woman. By Gabrielle Zevin. One of the most poignant and complex characters for me was Embeth, the wife of the congressman. So I hoped that's what Lambiase's reading journey would show. Related Content Likely Stories: By this time, Ruby is thirteen, and she becomes curious about her father.

'Young Jane Young' Is A Political Sex Scandal, Told Through Women's Eyes

Event date: But I don't know that that would be one of the three books I would choose to represent myself for posterity.

He's somebody who had entered sort of a reading life with a lot of noble ideas, but then once his wife dies and business is not as easy as he thought it would be and the world doesn't sort of conform to the way he hoped it would be at the age that he is, he's very depressed about things.

npr gabrielle zevins elsewhere

On why she decided to make Fikry Southeast Asian and his adopted daughter biracial. My message - my takeaway as a woman is that, you know, I don't have to participate in a culture that decides to shame women.

That may be the seed to my interest in Jewish comedians. The Dinner List: Her daughter is named Ruby.

npr gabrielle zevins elsewhere

The irony being I had no problem choosing the favorites for all the people in the book, all the fictional people.