Plague inc how to unlock fungus

All rights reserved. Change language. Try beating it on Brutal. The Fungus plague is so rough because it spreads extremely slowly, so you have to use different tactics to beat this one compared to the other plague types.

plague inc how to unlock fungus

Necrosis optional if you have enough points. The moment you do, they will find the cure really soon.

plague inc how to unlock fungus

I didn't bother upgrading any further. Got enough DNA to take every symptom with Sympto-stasis.

Plague Inc. – Cheats

Metabolic Hijack will automatically pop red and orange bubbles. Matthew Smith January 8, 2015 at 11: The real key here is the Ionized Helix gene, since you get points back every time you devolve something, so you can devolve most unnecessary traits at the end to get a bunch of points back. Any Broken links you've spotted? In the end, what finally worked was making sure i remained undetected by deevolving ALL symptoms, evolving the usual transmission stuff birds, fleas, etc , and using spores only a few times on those hard to get to countries.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Plague Inc: This helps the gene cross country borders. Habu69 View Profile View Posts. Save your points and let the infection spread Symptoms: Can you also please post your cheat screen so we can see the unlocks?

Plague Inc: How to Beat Fungus on Normal

Awesome picture! A strategy that has worked for me on every mode there is is to basically just evolve infectivity like blood, water air, etc.

Also, never take creationist unless you're on virus and it actually costs DNA to devolve.

plague inc how to unlock fungus

I'll include the ones that work in the guide. Extreme Bioaerosol. Kenneth Lien June 28, 2014 at 11: Theme by HB-Themes.

Unlock Fungus disease type

You can now use your remaining Spore Bursts to infect these countries without having to wait for the fungus to spread naturally. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

plague inc how to unlock fungus

Per page: Only took Air 1 due to aeroplane filters , Cold 1, Heat 1 and Drug 1.