Premo polymer clay wholesale uk wildcats

Not so much a conflict, as a case of knowing your supplier and going with ones you can trust.

How to Buy Polymer Clay

Many are polymer clay specific in their focus, offering classes, claydays , and gallery space. Share them on social media. Cheers Lynn.

I haver very old opened Fimo lying around I need to check, a lot of it is very crumbly. I used to do that, too. Are they an established seller with lots of good reviews? Skip to content. Tell others. So many good suppliers!

Sculpey Polymer Clay and Fimo Polymer Clay

My clay buying strategy has been to buy a bunch so I have whatever I need when the mood hits me. Is the clay good quality and how can you tell?

Do they have a website and Facebook page? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But you should be able to make the crumbs stick to each other. It kills me to spend more than I need to. Lots of supplies, too. Thanks for sharing. The easy way is to give it a squeeze.

Here are some really great retailers that you need to get to know. Yes, but there are some things to think about, too. Shipping does tend to take a long time from Joann. I know that a lot of people like to order from Ebay. By the way…do sign up for my newsletter. I would love to have enough money that price never mattered. You could be buying old stock from someone who has bought out a local craft store. Also my favorite clay to work with was 2 year old fimo soft.

Here are some ways to find better prices when you buy polymer clay.