Resource smoothing how to do

Resource smoothing and resource leveling are similar terms and can be interchangeably used.

resource smoothing how to do

Forgotten your password? Thanks you so much. View all posts by: Finally, to fulfill the first restriction we will apply the Resource Smoothing to those activities with some float.

Resource Optimization Techniques - Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing

Maintain a Balanced Team Articles: Resource smoothing is used when resources are unevenly allocated. Bangalore Office: This is an example of resource leveling where you extend the schedule to get the resource.

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Similarly, for activity H the total float is 12 weeks; you could delay activity H by 12 weeks without pushing the end date of the project. Very clear explanation and differentiation of resource leveling and resource smoothing.

Aim is to adjust start and end dates of a project with resource constraints while balancing resource requirements and resource availability. To allow leveling to adjust when a resource works on a task independently of other resources that are working on the same task, select the Leveling can adjust individual assignments on a task check box. This does not affect the overall duration. Prior to leveling, you may want to modify a few settings.

Resource Leveling vs Resource Smoothing for PMP Exam

Well explained. It means we can adjust the resource profiles within the available float or slack for the given activities. This will reduce the flexibility of the schedule when it comes to dealing with delays but it is very cost effective in managing and using the resources.

In resource smoothing, you must be careful to avoid any delay in activity as it may affect your critical path. If you found this article useful, you may wish to reference other Commonly Confused Term articles.

resource smoothing how to do

On the Resources tab, in the Level group, choose one of the following options. If resources are not available, the project duration may change.

resource smoothing how to do

Day by Day is the default. Even if you have them, during project execution any risk can take away that freedom and you will have to manage with fewer resources. On the General tab, type or select a priority in the Priority box.

resource smoothing how to do

For activity B, the total float is 11 weeks; you could delay activity B by 11 weeks without delaying the project. Home Definitions R Resource Smoothing. Recommended news. The reasons are obvious.