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Five tuning methods are featured: I get great performance in the evening with it and even if I could pull in a station with the whip on any of my radios I almost always plug in the external. Sangean Radio Repair Good luck, either way.

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This translucent radio stand holds the radio at the optimum operating angle. Neither radio was better or worse than the other with this.

This radio comes in a beautiful box with AC adapter, protective case , ANT-60 wind up antenna and ear buds. It has a charger and it has an external antenna which is nice.

Improved selectivity on the shortwave band 12. Copyright 2010-2016 Universal Radio, Inc. Oct 11, 2018. This radio requires four AA cells not included. While on the same signal with deep fades, one might keep signal when the other lost it. Only because of the price.

Degen DE 1103 VS Sangean ATS 909

Your email address will not be published. Its really getting to the stage where to get rid of it or not. No signal could be found on one that the other could not tune. Improved battery cover and tilt stand 14. It packs features and performance into a very compact and stylish package. Push the SW button then the corresponding button for the band you want.

Enjoy a full watt of audio amplification three times more than the older ATS-909. It allows me to record directly to a computer sound card.

Sangean ATS-909 (Not the "X" model) Repair?

It is a good receiver but it is a poor receiver with its whip! Besides this it is a good unit with a decent speaker and good on FM and MW! Now switch to SW and I literally have no clue how to get around the bands.