Weight loss documentary finding overeaters anonymous how

And I would be really happy if I ate less than I said I would in a day.

Can a ketogenic diet serve as an Overeaters Anonymous food plan?

I think I was born with a tendency to overeat, an addiction to food, an inability to stop eating once started - whatever this disease is. Today I have a real sense of peace and serenity, my mind is no longer clouded by excess food. Most of them do well during the week and then lose it on the weekend.

weight loss documentary finding overeaters anonymous how

Margaret, glad you asked and yes, it certainly will, the keto food plan is excellent for us but as you have thought of, we food addicts also have to be aware of eating behavior.

It made sense to me that I needed to put down every drug food, alcohol and pills to have a chance at a sober life.

weight loss documentary finding overeaters anonymous how

Leave a reply Cancel reply Reply to comment 0 by. I put all the weight on again for the millionth time. I had no peace, no joy I just obsessed about my weight. My name is Julie and I am a recovering compulsive overeater.

I realised that I could not do this alone. I was initially very skeptical. I became open to the idea of a Higher Power and began to get a sense that I was being taken care of, the more I took action with the 12 steps and accepted I need help with all areas of my life.

weight loss documentary finding overeaters anonymous how

When I heard what she said it made total sense and it was totally me. Wish you great recovery. Emotional pain is a great driver towards recovery! Therefore many of us need help with making a food plan where we weigh and measure and have a food sponsor that is knowledgeable and willing to help with that.

I started on a weighed and measured food plan to provide nourishment and energy for my body. All I needed was the substance of alcohol to set me off.

I got the courage to ring the number. I am still working my way through the steps, it is an onward journey towards emotional and spiritual health. The OA Solution Do you have a problem? My life started to improve dramatically.