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How did your attributes contribute to those accomplishments? With a curious mind and strong sense of adventure I explored further and further into the depths of this magnificent empire and with every new door I opened and new pathway followed I found myself faced with new opportunity and a new set of challenges to overcome.

what about me text

Include links when possible and relevant. This is only natural to expect that they will have a great About page as they are already a big and popular company. This website is truly incredible as it uses CSS perfectly. This About Page is best as it is simple and yet very convincing.

25 Best Examples Of About Me Pages

This is a great place to share your values with your customer by elaborating a little on what you believe and why you launched your website in the first place. That's fine.

what about me text

James A Mathias owned this page and you can find much information about him and his family. Cheers, Karen. However, when you visit their About page, they will certainly exceed your expectation.

what about me text

Jared has his full-body picture pasted on his About page. When people see that I have years of experience, or that I juggle numerous blogs and hundreds of thousands of visitors, it translates into more credibility with my readers, and thus more stock in my advice.

But as you try to do all of this, remember to keep it short. He is not afraid to talk negative things about himself, but he quickly balances the negative with the positive of his professional abilities. Don't underestimate these humanizing touches. As I stated I am a total newbie but I would love any insight or suggestions that you would be willing to give. You will know more about the team by reading their page.

Create an interesting "about me" page for your blog.

How to Write an About Me Page: Templates & Examples

I was lost! Ideally, each answer should flow into the next. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

One popular way of doing this is telling a story your audience can see themselves in. The website is formal and classy in its design.