What are opacified mastoid air cells

Mastoiditis is inflammation of the mastoid air cells, air-filled mucosal lined spaces within the temporal bone.


Diagnosis is made by CT or MRI and treatment consists of mastoidectomy to open the mastoid air cells and drain the collection of purulence. Acute mastoiditis characteristically presents with the postauricular tenderness, erythema, and swelling causing protrusion of the auricle. Older children and adults who develop mastoiditis may have cholesteatoma or more chronic infection, rather than acute otitis media as a causative factor.

what are opacified mastoid air cells

Of course, there should also be fluid in the mastoid. This retrospective review analyzes cases of acute mastoiditis to evaluate the changes in microbiology since the institution of the heptavalent pneumococcal vaccine, and displays the prominent role of the 19A serotype.

While these "mastoid effusions" are often deemed mastoiditis on radiologic reports, acute mastoiditis is present only when these radiographic findings are present in the context of the clinical picture detailed above.

Prevnar 13 is now administered to virtually all young children in the United States.

what are opacified mastoid air cells

Specimens can be obtained from the middle ear with myringotomy incision of the tympanic membrane or tympanoscentesis needle aspiration of the middle ear through the tympanic membrane.

Case 1 Case 1. Surgical drainage of the neck collection along with mastoidectomy and antibiotic therapy is necessary for this rare complication.

Pediatr Infect Dis J. The timing of CT scans or MRIs should be based on the severity of signs and symptoms, suspicion of associated intracranial infection, the possible need for surgical intervention, and the response to or lack of response to medical therapy.

what are opacified mastoid air cells

What are the possible outcomes of mastoiditis? Figure 1. The study includes diagnostic strategies, laboratory data, imaging, microbiology, and complication diagnosis. Thank you for updating your details.


MRI shows inflammation of the petrous apex and mastoids. While idiopathic facial paralysis Bell's palsy is common in adults, children with an acute onset facial palsy must be examined for the presence of middle ear disease such as otitis media or cholesteatoma.

what are opacified mastoid air cells

Ongoing controversies regarding etiology, diagnosis, treatment. Intravenous antibiotics are used, directing antibiotic choice with CSF cultures and middle ear cultures if a myringotomy is performed, using antibiotic with central nervous system penetration.

High spiking picket fence fevers can be seen, and in some cases headache and papilledema are seen "otitic hydrocephalus".


Lateral sinus thrombophlebitis - The lateral and sigmoid dural sinuses are adjacent to the mastoid air cell system, and mastoid infection can cause septic thrombosis of these structures. These were surgical patients who had presumably severe acute mastoid infection, but we cannot extrapolate these conclusions to those with acute mastoiditis treated medically without mastoidectomy.

what are opacified mastoid air cells

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