What does nbsp mean on bank statement

The product prices listed in any associated web site are the responsibility of the relevant retailer and are accurate at the time of upload. Credit Card Payment Security Policy: We may place any data into a bulk data set or report as and when required that does not identify you personally or your personal details, purchases or purchase history.

You can then complete the EFT payment into our bank account as per details emailed to you. The offer applicable is that stated for the restaurant.

What does this mean on a bank statement?

If you pay via EFT after 4pm Friday or on the weekend, we may not see the payment in our system until the following Tuesday! We may retain the content of any information including emails that you forward to us. Once dispatched Gift Cards cannot be replaced or cancelled if lost in transit or lost by you.

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What NBSP means and does

Better to be prepared and not need it than need it and not be prepared. The Bill cannot be separated: Simply present your member card and receive the benefit. The money wired out of the country will not help the economy. Bear in mind that, while some people prefer a bit of extra space between sentences, others will find it irritating.

Do you have a list of statement abbreviations?

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