What happened in 1981 cold war facts

U-2 spy plane Incident involving Gary Powers. This article is part of our larger collection of resources on the Cold War.

Cold War facts for kids

An easy way to discover facts, dates and information about the Important historical events in each of the Presidencies that occured during the Cold War Era of United States history that spanned from 1945 - 1990. Cookies Policy. Tadeusz Mazowiecki elected leader of the Polish government — the first eastern bloc country to become a democracy. Kent State Shooting: Clement Attlee , Harry S.

Helsinki Accords: Cold War Era and the Space Race.

what happened in 1981 cold war facts

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United States calls situation in El Salvador a communist plot

Charting the progress of the Space Race in 1957—1975. Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

what happened in 1981 cold war facts

Ho Chi Minh Trail: Because of this, leaders of the Soviet Union started to fight against each other, the Communist Party began to crumble and the Soviet Union collapsed.

The victorious Allies that occupied it split it into four parts. Truman and the Cold War Era: United States History from 1945 - 1990 Harry S. Some think it ended when the Berlin Wall fell.

what happened in 1981 cold war facts

President Harry S. In the summer of 1846, in the midst of a Western-bound fever sweeping the United States, 89 people—including... Johnson and the Cold War Era: