What i wore blogger

Dara Elizabeth posted, "I knew I liked you, but now I really like you! The biggest thing I hope you take from my tangent is that social media is an ever-changing industry and you have the power to not let it control your life.

For all outfit details click here and then click the picture from this blog post! Well I think all of these are blog-worthy looks! I love that you have the ability to try styles and trends without having to commit to buying something, and if you love it- you can buy it!

what i wore blogger

I spent the weekend in Boston a few weeks ago and we got some amazing shots! Yet, no matter where you fall, we all get sucked into social media every single day. You would never guess it, but this asymmetrical ruffle dress is also from Target! My necklaces are also from Forever 21.

what i wore blogger

I have so many posts coming! Anthropologie gets me every time.

#ManicMomDay Monthly Vol 1

You all probably know I am denim obsessed, so when I find a good pair, I relish in it. I wanted to look cute so I wore my off the shoulder gingham top old Tarjay, similar and my fave white distressed jeans from CABI. You do too. As you all know, I love this website. I paired it with my new favorite jacket! Anything comfy and chic is my jam.

'What I Wore' Style Blogger Is Anti-Hobby Lobby, And Some Of Her Fans Are Not Pleased

I paired this sweater with my favorite jeans from Just Black. She replied, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Who has been the greatest influence on your life so far? For reference, I had around 1,500 subscribers. I usually have everything in one link, but ShopStyle wasn't recognizing certain styles in the lists! Like Loading... I feel like I am on holidays every weekend in Dubai!

Quirk updated her post recently to give her final thoughts on the small debate she caused within her fanbase. The blue dress was perfect for 4th of July with red tassel earrings and white sandals.

what i wore blogger

The best part? We don't care about your liberal agenda.